July 9th, 2012
May 8th, 2012

Niagara Animal Defense Leauge Distro

The Niagara Animal Defense League is proud to announce it’s very own distro! Reppin’ the (near complete) catalogs of Arissa Media as well as Upping the Anti, we are very excited about getting these publications - and the ideas within them - out into our community. These publications are volunteer run and/or collectively run and represent a wide and divergent view of the past, present and future of radical politics and organizing in North America. For anyone interested in any of the materials in the distro, please contact us here or at niagaraanimaldefenseleague at gmail. com or find us at a tabling event in the community. We prioritize political education as a vital necessity in a community focused on longevity and strategy and look forward to the range of possibilities these texts open - as well as the vigorous critical reflection they spur.

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Niagara ADL is a grassroots group in the Niagara Region who wish to end the domination of other animal species.