September 25th, 2012

We continue our sustainer fund roll out with a new option - an option that takes less than five minutes of your life and costs no money! If you would like to help the ADL but can’t afford monthly donations you can donate your twitter account! This automatically sets your account to share our tweets and helps us broaden our social media reach. Considering we have been pulled from Facebook four times now we really need to focus on twitter (and tumblr) and we need your help getting us to where we would like to be!

For those who can donate monthly, you can set your donations automatically via paypal or you can do cash/cheque set to monthly reminders. We accept anything above $5/month and appreciate whatever people can give. These funds are crucial for increasing pressure with our campaigns, compiling more sources and helping us build community. If you can give monthly email us at to set up.

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Niagara ADL is a grassroots group in the Niagara Region who wish to end the domination of other animal species.