August 3rd, 2012

Niagara ADL’s “Today’s Special” Mailing List Update 03.08.12

Hey everyone,

By the time I am finished this and hit send it will be Friday! TGIF! A lot of people have a long weekend too. Exciting!

Report Backs

Fundraiser for Jeleel -
We sent over $650 to Jeleel this past monday! The funds will go towards food and the cost of school for his kids. A huge thank you from Jeleel, his support community in Niagara, J4MW, CUPE 4207 and us to everyone who supported the event. We also were able to get a little bit of press about this issue in the lead up to the event.

Vegan Corner Endorsement -
We finally got around to sending in our donation and writing an endorsement for Vegan Corner. This is a rad new project taken up by two folks who were part of the AETA 4 case. Support in any way you can!

Shrine Circus/Coalition for Circus Animal Freedom -
Demonstrations happened last weekend in Vaughn. We also helped with the release of behind the scenes footage of Marie and Schell, the two wild-caught Asian elephants held by TZ Productions.

Marineland Animal Defense -
Marineland Animal Defense began it’s slow reveal of photos taken at Marineland by Jo Anne McArthur of the We Animals project. Our first photo went up last night and features the beluga whale Aurora. This photo release is intended to tell the stories of these individuals in their proper context. We appreciate all efforts to extend their reach.

Barriere Lake - Friends of Kanonhstaton wants members to know that the struggle at Barriere Lake is far from over. Traditional council rejected the deal brokered with Resolute Forest Products and arrests of Algonquin elders have begun. We urge members to support the struggle in Barriere Lake and will be redoubling our efforts to do the same.


FRIDAY - MONDAY - SHRINE CIRCUS DEMONSTRATION MARKHAM - FIRST MARKHAM PLACE (3255 HWY 7 WEST) - This is the last weekend for the Shrine Circus in the GTA. Please get out and support advocates in Markham as they give them a proper send off. If you need a ride, or can offer a ride, please post on the event page. Any help promoting the demonstrations is appreciated as well. It is also worth noting that the demonstration in Kingston on Tuesday is looking like it will be the largest of the summer, so if people want to demonstrate in numbers it is worth the drive!

SUNDAY - MARINELAND DEMONSTRATION - NIAGARA FALLS 12 - 2 PM - We return to Marineland this Sunday for another demonstration. We will be set up across from the front walk in gates. The demonstration schedule for the rest of the summer is attached. Ride shares and promotion are appreciated! We also hope to unveil our new exit leaflets this weekend (attached). Donations to offset the costs of these new leaflets are greatly appreciated!

NIAGARA ADL OPEN MEETING - MONDAY 6PM/7PM (RISE ABOVE) - Our next open meeting is tonight at Rise Above (120 St. Paul. St). All of our meetings are open meetings and the structure remains the same for all of them, first timers come at 6pm to get introduced to the group, others who have been to previous meetings come at 7pm. Anyone can add an agenda item and/or speak to any issue and everyone walks away with action items. As with the new structure to our mail outs, we are now committed to being at Rise Above every Monday from 6pm on.

NIAGARA VEGAN BBQ FUNDRAISER - Niagara Vegan is back with a fundraiser BBQ at Bamboo Natural Health Food Market on August 11th - this time raising funds for our friends at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary! Mark it on your calendars and help us promote the event by inviting friends and sharing the event page! Poster is attached.


Rawstock Niagara 2012 - August 25th in NOTL. The very first annual all day raw food event in Niagara!

Love and Liberation Book Talk - TBA. Featuring local co-author Sarat Colling and co-author Anthony Nocella. Stay tuned for more details.

Niagara Walk for Farm Animals -
The Niagara Walk for Farm Animals is schedule for October 6th this year! Please join us and register with the “Niagara ADL” team!


You can always stay up to date with ADL events by checking our calendar!


You can help keep this well oiled machine running! Donations can be made to our paypal: and/or can be brought to our open meetings on Monday nights! Stay tuned for our “ADL Sustainer” fund!

You can find all previous mailing list updates from the ADL under the “mailing list” tag on our website.
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