June 3rd, 2012

Niagara ADL “Today’s Special” Mailing List Update 03.06.12

Hey all,

We have fully embraced our "Today’s Special" Theme. If you are a child of the 80’s you are stoked on this. If not, tough luck!

Report Backs

Niagara ADL Open House - We held an open house last week during our hours at Rise Above (120 St. Paul St. - St. Catharines) from 6PM onwards. On off weeks when we do not hold meetings we will instead move to open houses that allow people to come and work on whatever they want, or just to chat. This past week we wrote letters to ELF Prisoner Daniel McGowan and updated our meeting notes/finances and more. Support for ELF/ALF/Political Prisoners is a part of our mission statement and we encourage people to do the same. You can link into the Daniel McGowan Support Group here.

Urgent Call for Support from the Haudenosaunee Development Institute - Members of the Live Free Collective, and specifically the newly formed Friends of Kanonhstaton, answered the call for support this week from the Haudenosaunee Development Institute and traveled to South Cayuga on Monday and Tuesday to offer support in enforcing the cease and desist order the HDI had placed against Samsung. Samsung is attempting a massive development project on the Haldimand Tract and have been ignoring the HDI and Confederacy Council in favor of negotiating solely with Elected Council - which is an arm of the Canadian Government and not a representative of the Haudenosaunee people. Mid-week Samsung announced they would pay the standard consultation fee of HDI and have promised to open negotiations back up. The Live Free Collective and the Friends of Kanonhstaton will continue to offer support any time a call is made and are looking to build a contact list of people who have flexible schedules who are able to respond. Members also took this video this week on Monday with HDI member Hazel Hill explaining the situation and the urgency of the call out.

Solidarity with Quebec/Manif de solidarite (Manif Casseroles) - On Wednesday, members of the ADL and Live Free Collective participating the call out for nation wide demonstrations in support of the Quebec Student/Social Movement. These demonstrations are leaderless and we are quick to point out that our members are participants and nothing more. That said, we encourage members to come out and show solidarity. The next demonstration is planned for this Wednesday at 6PM at City Hall in St. Catharines (50 Church St.) Video from last weeks demonstration can be found here.
Strooband Resign #5 - On Thursday members of the ADL held the 5th demonstration outside of the LCHS calling for the resignation of Kevin Strooband. The demonstrations have seemingly lost momentum since the end of the CUPE 1287 strike and as such efforts will be shifted towards policy asks and coming up with more creative ideas on how to build capacity against the shelter that seems impervious to reform. For people interested in crafting policy suggestions please come out to our ADL meetings - Monday at 6PM at Rise Above.

Niagara Action for Animals Potluck Series (Haudenosaunee Land Defenders) -
The NAFA potluck this past Friday, the last potluck of the season, was a great show of support Haudenosaunee Land Defense. Haudenosaunee land defenders Wes Elliott, Ruby Montour and John Henhawk explained a brief history of the Haudenosaunee people, the Haldimand Tract, the Two Row Wampum, Residential Schools and Current Land Defense issues on the Haldimand Tract (Kanonhstaton, Samsung, etc). The talk was eye opening for many in the community who are not familiar with these issues. Attached is a photo of the turn out and also a photo of John explaining the Two Row.

Niagara VegFest - Niagara has reached a new high water mark as Niagara VegFest shattered all previous vegan events in the history of the Niagara Region - bringing out 1,250+ through the door! Anyone who attended the event could relay the same story - packed rooms, sold out vendors, electric atmosphere. We could fill this email with paragraphs of all of the great things to come from this day, but we will just hope that most reading this made it out for themselves. A picture of our table is attached - “make your own cupcakes” + radical literature. It’s also important to note some literature we pressed for the event - including the first ever Niagara Vegan leaflets and Coalition for Circus Animal Freedom "We Are the Welcoming Committee" leaflets and posters.
Marineland Animal Defense Demonstration -
Today saw a leaflet (10am - 2pm) and demonstration (12pm - 2pm) at Marineland. The weather was horrible, the demo was small, but the park was “dead.” Undisturbed by “Keep Moving” signs, we got out literature to the few cars that did go into the park today. Other news on the M.A.D. front this week includes the establishment of a “tips” line (for all of Niagara ADL) and release of a first hand account already sent from this season. The first hand account has been shared 40+ times from the M.A.D. facebook page and we’d love more help getting it out. People need to know exactly what they are supporting when they visit the park and showing them through the eyes of horrified visitors is one of the best ways to do this. The next demonstration is Sunday June 24th.

Calls for Support -
Three calls from support this week include a local dog diagnosed with Lymphoma - Save George, the Coalition for Circus Animal Freedom updated with their paypal info and called for donations, and the call came out this week to redouble support efforts for Francine “Flower” Doxtator – a Haudenosaunee [Six Nations] land defender, grandmother and member of the April 28th Coalition. OPP attempted to re-arrest Flower this week after a bail hearing and efforts of supporters ensured her release back to the community, however, the need for support is greater now than ever. We urge members to answer these calls as we organizational will be moving for support on each of them.


NIAGARA ADL OPEN MEETING - MONDAY 6PM/7PM (RISE ABOVE) -  Our next open meeting is tomorrow night at Rise Above (120 St. Paul. St). All of our meetings are open meetings and the structure remains the same for all of them, first timers come at 6pm to get introduced to the group, others who have been to previous meetings come at 7pm. Anyone can add an agenda item and/or speak to any issue and everyone walks away with action items. As with the new structure to our mail outs, we are now committed to being at Rise Above every Monday from 6pm on. If there is no scheduled open meeting that night we will do prisoner support, sign making, brainstorming, etc. In the case that the space is booked, we will ensure everyone gets the notice.

- MONDAY/TUESDAY/THURSDAY (BUFFALO, NY) - Buffalo organizer and friend of Niagara ADL, Nate Buckley, will finally have his case heard this week. Nate was the victim of an assault at the hands of police during an anti-war demonstration in Buffalo in April 2011. However, it is Nate who is up on charges. The case runs this week Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (9am - ). We encourage members to head over and support Nate if possible. There are also rides available to some of those dates if a ride is needed. For more background on Nate’s case you can see the video of his arrest and assault here as well as more background.

We repeat the disclaimer that this is NOT a Niagara ADL event, however, we encourage members to attend as it is important we all collectively fight austerity and capitalism! Please rsvp/invite/share the event. Poster also attached.

River Run Rally events run all week this week in Toronto as people from the Grassy Narrows have come to Toronto to bring their message of environmental destruction in remote Northern Aboriginal communities to the largest city in Canada. The Live Free Collective (Friends of Kanonhstaton) donated to this event and are encouraging members to attend events - especially the rally on Friday. If people need rides please get in touch!


Friends of Kanonhstaton Launch Party - The Friends of Kanonhstaton are working on a launch party for Friday June 29th. Event and acts to be announced soon!

Shrine Circus/TZ Productions - The Shrine Circus hits Niagara Falls for one show on July 24th. Mark it down on your calendars and stay tuned to the Coalition for Circus Animal Freedom for updates! Hit as many demo’s as possible this summer!

Niagara ADL/CUPE Football Fundraiser July 28th -
In the spirit of the North Animal Liberation League vs. Miners football match in the 1980’s we are organizing a football (soccer for the North Americans) on Saturday July 28th. It will be a full day fundraiser set to raise funds for CUPE and also bridge the labour and animal liberation communities in Niagara. Old poster of that event is attached (courtesy of the Conflict Gypsy archive) 

Love and Liberation Book Talk - TBA. Featuring local co-author Sarat Colling and co-author Anthony Nocella. Stay tuned for more details.

M.A.D Demonstration -
Sunday June 24th. 12PM - 2PM.

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