September 23rd, 2013


Our surprise, new anti captivity commercials. The first in a series. “End Wild Capture - M.A.D. PSA.” Please watch and regblog. We are up against a corporate giant with an iconic jingle and a six figure ad budget!

September 23rd, 2013


Our surprise, new anti captivity commercials. The first in a series. “End Wild Capture - M.A.D. PSA.” Please watch and regblog. We are up against a corporate giant with an iconic jingle and a six figure ad budget!

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August 13th, 2013
August 7th, 2013
August 7th, 2013
July 25th, 2013



UPDATE: Marineland Canada’s injunction motions against Dylan Powell, Marineland Animal Defense and Jane and John Doe has been adjourned. Saturday’s Demonstration is set to go ahead!

July 24th, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Opposing the Marineland Removal Strategy


We have been doing a terrible job of updating the site with specifics and action calls of late because we have been buried in legal work. This is all part of the process and we hope that folks remain patient and alert for when we can get info across.

We’ve been behind on emails, messages, missed “social media Tuesday” two weeks in a row now, are behind on t-shirt orders and are still playing catch up in other areas. This is an all volunteer grassroots campaign and all of the capacity that we do have right now has been going into the fight to ensure that we still have physical space, on the ground and in front of the park, to demonstrate. We hope that others agree with us in that that is our main function and agree that needs to be the priority.

In recent weeks it has become clear that Marineland is attempting to escalate and improve upon their removal strategy - which they have had in place for over a year. This strategy appears to be a dual strategy of extracting concessions through the legal system and potentially securing a 500 MT permanent injunction alongside a similar strategy of securing and leasing public lands which we demonstrate on.

They have recently succeeded in securing a 10 day injunction against an individual anti captivity activist - Mike Garrett - without notice. Emboldened by that, they have attempted to use this as leverage for a broad and sweeping permanent injunction against M.A.D. Co-Founder Dylan Powell, Marineland Animal Defense and Jane and John Doe. If successful, this could be a complete end to demonstrations on site.

At the same time they have been attempting these injunctions, they have asked for increases in previous land leases from the City of Niagara Falls as well as new land leases from the City of Niagara Falls and the Region of Niagara. It is clear that Marineland will attempt to buy up the property where we stand if they cannot secure it by way of an injunction.

In both instances - the Garrett injunction and the recent proposal for extended and new land leases - no notice was given, either to individuals or the public. Marineland knows that part of being successful in this strategy is doing so with the least amount of public knowledge. The first call for action is to share this alert. Email your friends, share on your facebook, spread via word of mouth. Media has fatigued on this issue so it is that much more vital for people to follow through.

Second, we have a demonstration organized for Niagara Falls City Hall on Tuesday August 13th called “No More Backroom Deals for Marineland.” That demonstration is organized to oppose motions to extend and introduce new land leases to Marineland. We need members, especially folks in the Niagara Falls area, to come out in support and to also follow through with contact information on the event page to register your opposition to these motions.

As for Marineland Canada’s attempts an injunction - as of the time of writing - that hearing will be tomorrow (July 25th). We are not calling for support at the Court as we do not think that would have a positive effect on the hearing. What we need on this front is for people to abide by our call out to restrict activity to M.A.D. sanctioned and organized events, for people to be patient as we fight this battle and catch up, and for people to stay tuned. We are hoping to continue to demonstrate on site and encourage people who want to help right now to help with last minute promotions for the “Empty the Tanks” Demonstration set for July 27th and also calling on folks to donate to our campaign as we need funds to continue it.

We appreciate all of the support and patience that folks have shown, especially when these issues can be politically and legally complex. As soon as we know more, we will let you know!

July 21st, 2013

(trigger warning: sexual assault/rape) Statement of Solidarity with the Toronto Vegan Women’s Collective

As a member of the GOAL Network, the Niagara Animal Defense League stands in solidarity with stance taken by the Toronto Vegan Women’s Collective regarding Toronto activist, Paul Figueiras, and the sexual assault, abuse and/or rape of over a dozen women. 

At its inception the Niagara ADL prized accountability and took the stance that safe spaces are a necessary part  of struggle for social justice. If accountability was not to be prized within the structure of the Niagara ADL, it was absolutely pointless to have an organization that advocates social justice.  For this reason, we support the call for accountability from Paul, and the organizations that he works with. These organizations include: Toronto Pig Save, Toronto Cow Save, Toronto Veggie Pride Parade, University of Toronto Animal Rights Club, Animal Rights Academy, and March to Close All Slaughterhouses.

The Niagara ADL recognizes the importance of the GOAL Network  in ensuring that not only Niagara is a safe space, but that support and accountability is accessible across communities in Ontario.  The Niagara ADL would like to reiterate the final words from the GOAL Network statement and call upon “everyone involved with the GOAL network and beyond  [to agree] that our community needs to be a safe space for women - where they are given support, where they do not have to fear men like Paul, and where they do not have to fear speaking out when abuse like this happens. Please help us create that kind of community. “


The Niagara Animal Defense League. 

Full statement can be read here:

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